Partnership with Kairos Technology, CDE and Eldor.

Dee-Production has entered a collaboration agreement between Kairos, CDE and Eldor.

Dee-Production, Kairos, CDE and Eldor has entered into a partnership agreement for superior control rooms, enabling their customers to get access not only to the best control room consoles from Dee-Production, but also the companies combined expertice from all companies.

CDE, situated in Borås, Sweden, has extensive experience in control room design, ergonomic development in 24/7 environments and consultancy services in terms of technical installation of equipment on the operator desks.

DEE-Production, situated in Borås, Sweden, are manufacturing, selling, distributing, and installing state-of-art workplaces for control rooms and high-end user workplaces.

Eldor, situated in Stavanger, Norway and Aberdeen, UK, has extensive experience within lifetime extension, alarm optimisation, and control room & remote operation.

Kairos Technology, situated in Stavanger, Norway and Copenhagen, Denmark, delivers software products to the energy and process industry for real-time decision support in design, operation, and maintenance.

Key people in all companies has collaborated for years, and this agreement was a natural step to take the benefits of this even further.


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